Meet Mx. Nicky E. 

Mx. Nicky Endres has long defied convention. A non-binary transfeminine, genderqueer martial artist and comic, they* have always challenged cultural categories to forge their own way.

As evidenced by their German surname, Nicky is a convergence of contraries: East and West, masculine and feminine, lightness and darkness. With a specialty for gender transformation, they are cast as much for their androgynous look as for their versatility; they are adept in both comedy and drama as well as in characters across the Trans and gender-fluid spectrum. (They may even play masculine-identified characters — provided they don’t have to cut their hair!)

Nicky has enjoyed a wide variety of roles in TV, film, and theatre — recurring on One Day at a Time (Netflix; PopTV) and with notable guest stars in The Dropout (Hulu) and  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS). Other recent credits include Lucifer and On the Verge (Netflix). Nicky also provides the English-language voice for the starring role of Christina Ortiz Rodriguez in Veneno, the limited series about her life (HBO Max).

Nicky grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and majored in English and Theatre at Lawrence University. They enjoy martial arts, stand-up comedy, and graphic design. They are passionate about building bridges with LGBTQIA+ Allies, advocating for sex-positivity & consent, and are deeply devoted to Xena: Warrior Princess.

Nicky is represented by Aperture Talent Agency and Pink Hammer Entertainment Talent Management, and by Coast to Coast Talent Group for VO. Direct contact:

* Nicky identifies as Trans, uses both them/them & she/her pronouns, and uses the gender-inclusive honorific: Mx. (“Mix”)

Transfeminine: Often someone assigned-male-at-birth (AMAB) whose gender identity is feminine but who may not identify as unequivocally female (as most binary-identified transwomen do).
Genderqueer: A gender-expansive and inclusive term that describes the breadth of non-binary and non-cisnormative gender identities, including Transgender and Gender-Non-Conforming (GNC) identities.

#TransIsBeautiful #GenderCapitalist #MxHonorific

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One Day at a Time Recurring Netflix / Sony
The Dropout Guest Star Hulu / Michael Showalter dir.
NCIS: Los Angeles Guest Star CBS / Lily Mariye dir.
Lucifer Co-Star Netflix / Claudia Yarmy, dir.
On the Verge Co-Star Netflix / David Petrarca, dir.
Sullivan & Son Guest Star TBS / Walt Becker, dir.
Laps (Webseries) Recurring dir: Chad Santiago Diez
Don’t Trust the B—in Apartment 23 Co-Star 20th Cent. Fox / Michael Spiller, dir.
Future Shock (Pilot) Co-Star Nickelodeon / Jonathan Judge, dir.
Victorious Co-Star Nickelodeon / David Kendall, dir.
Pushing Daisies Co-Star Warner Bros. / Dean White, dir.
Heroes Co-Star NBC / David Semel, dir.
Drake and Josh Co-Star Nickelodeon / Josh Peck, dir.
NICKy (2017 LA Outfest) Lead dir. Heath Daniels
Fem Lead dir. Derek Villanueva
Crush Lead dir. Michael J. Saul
Unspeakable Lead dir: Marquette Williams
All About Christmas Eve Supporting Lifetime / Peter Sullivan, dir.
L.A. I Hate You Supporting dir: Yvan Gauthier
S the D Lead dir. Andrew Southern
Finishing the Game Supporting dir: Justin Lin
Derailed Supporting Miramax / Mikael Håfström, dir.
F*You, Pay Me! Lead dir: The Derrick Brothers
Unwritten Law Lead dir: Ezequiel Martinez
Veneno (English dub) Lead HBO Max / Carrie Keranen, English dub dir.
The Fastest Clock in the Universe Foxtrot Darling The Celebration Theatre
Dear ONE: Love and Longing in Mid-Century Queer America [Multiple Characters] A Noise Within / The Diversionary Theatre / (multiple venues)
Homeward LA Brian Bergamot Station
Demon Slaying Drag Queens Delilah Highways (2013); Hollywood Fringe 2014
Burn This Larry The Actor’s Playpen

Acting: BGB Studio, Upright Citizens Brigade, Steve Braun, Alexandra Billings, Karen Austin, Greg Itzin, Amy Lyndon, John Walcutt, Allen Williams; Melique Berger

Dialects*: Modern London, RP, Cockney, Japanese, Midwest, French, New Jersey

Physical: Martial Arts (striking, grappling, weapons), Yoga, Tumbling, Stage Combat, Modern Dance

Miscellaneous: Stand-Up Comedy, Singing (Tenor), Origami, Calligraphy, Drawing, Painting, Tarot Cards, Henna, Graphic Design, Improv, Hair and Make-up, Gender Transformation

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* Highly recommended: The Dialect Geek


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