Meet Mx. Nicky E. 

Mx. Nicky Endres has long defied convention. An adopted Asian-American Non-Binary Transfeminine Queer actor, comic, and voice artist with keen comedic timing and a love for auditorily-naturalistic (but visually-nightmarish) compound sentences, they* have long challenged cultural categories to forge their own way. An English/Theatre double-major, Nicky spent most of their liberal arts university education reading, writing, and performing – and after toiling over which of the three was the sexiest way to be a starving artist, went all-in on Hollywood because it snows in New York.

Nicky is a convergence of contraries: East and West, masculine and feminine, pathos and levity. With a specialty for gender transformation, they are cast as much for their androgynous look as for their versatility across the gender spectrum, providing authenticity to multidimensional Queer identities. Although the pitch and texture of Nicky’s signature sultry sonacy can range from baritone to alto, lending itself to characters of all genders, their natural Non-Binary Trans voice isn’t so much a Sound as it is a Perspective.

Nicky has enjoyed a wide variety of roles in TV, film, and theatre — recurring on One Day at a Time (Netflix; PopTV) and with notable guest stars in The Dropout (Hulu) and  NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS). Other recent credits include Lucifer (Netflix) and On the Verge (Netflix). Nicky also provides the English-language voice for the starring role of Spanish Trans icon Christina Ortiz Rodriguez in Veneno, the limited series about her life (HBO Max).

Hailing from a small town in Wisconsin, Nicky discovered a passion for dialects — a passion rooted in overcoming their own wholesome Midwestern brogue. Also a DIY maven, graphic designer, and SharePoint architect, Nicky most appreciates the design elements of storytelling, and brings a winsome combination of heart and smart to every project. Nicky’s modern, unpretentious, naturally didactic way of speaking has earned them a reputation as an Edutainer; even their bluest stand-up sets have the unwitting effect of a sex-positive TED talk.

Nicky enjoys martial arts, dark existentialist themes, victories in representation and inclusion, and unicorns. They are passionate about building bridges with LGBTQIA+ Allies, advocating for sex-positivity & consent, and — most of all, and with deep sincerity — Nicky is devoted to Xena: Warrior Princess.

Nicky is represented by Aperture Talent Agency and Pink Hammer Entertainment Talent Management, and by Coast to Coast Talent Group for VO. Direct contact:

* Nicky identifies as Trans, uses both them/them & she/her pronouns, and uses the gender-inclusive honorific: Mx. (“Mix”)


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One Day at a Time Recurring Netflix / Sony
The Dropout Guest Star Hulu / Michael Showalter dir.
NCIS: Los Angeles Guest Star CBS / Lily Mariye dir.
Lucifer Co-Star Netflix / Claudia Yarmy, dir.
On the Verge Co-Star Netflix / David Petrarca, dir.
Sullivan & Son Guest Star TBS / Walt Becker, dir.
Laps (Webseries) Recurring dir: Chad Santiago Diez
Don’t Trust the B—in Apartment 23 Co-Star 20th Cent. Fox / Michael Spiller, dir.
Future Shock (Pilot) Co-Star Nickelodeon / Jonathan Judge, dir.
Victorious Co-Star Nickelodeon / David Kendall, dir.
Pushing Daisies Co-Star Warner Bros. / Dean White, dir.
Heroes Co-Star NBC / David Semel, dir.
Drake and Josh Co-Star Nickelodeon / Josh Peck, dir.
NICKy (2017 LA Outfest) Lead dir. Heath Daniels
Fem Lead dir. Derek Villanueva
Crush Lead dir. Michael J. Saul
Unspeakable Lead dir: Marquette Williams
All About Christmas Eve Supporting Lifetime / Peter Sullivan, dir.
L.A. I Hate You Supporting dir: Yvan Gauthier
S the D Lead dir. Andrew Southern
Finishing the Game Supporting dir: Justin Lin
Derailed Supporting Miramax / Mikael Håfström, dir.
F*You, Pay Me! Lead dir: The Derrick Brothers
Unwritten Law Lead dir: Ezequiel Martinez
Veneno (English dub) Lead HBO Max / Carrie Keranen, English dub dir.
The Fastest Clock in the Universe Foxtrot Darling The Celebration Theatre
Dear ONE: Love and Longing in Mid-Century Queer America [Multiple Characters] A Noise Within / The Diversionary Theatre / (multiple venues)
Homeward LA Brian Bergamot Station
Demon Slaying Drag Queens Delilah Highways (2013); Hollywood Fringe 2014
Burn This Larry The Actor’s Playpen

Acting: BGB Studio, Upright Citizens Brigade, Steve Braun, Alexandra Billings, Karen Austin, Greg Itzin, Amy Lyndon, John Walcutt, Allen Williams; Melique Berger

Dialects*: Modern London, RP, Cockney, Japanese, Midwest, French, New Jersey

Physical: Martial Arts (striking, grappling, weapons), Yoga, Tumbling, Stage Combat, Modern Dance

Miscellaneous: Stand-Up Comedy, Singing (Tenor), Origami, Calligraphy, Drawing, Painting, Tarot Cards, Henna, Graphic Design, Improv, Hair and Make-up, Gender Transformation

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* Highly recommended: The Dialect Geek


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